At MyScouTube Inc, we realize that finding the right athlete for your Pro/Semi organization is not always an easy task. Often the success or failure of an Agents will be determined by their ability to find that otherwise “unnoticed” elite athletes. MyScouTube Inc. aim is to provide a welcoming, time saving site for Agents/Coaches to search, View potential and Network with aspiring athletes looking to take their athletic talents to the next stage.

An Agent is one who contractually acts on the behalf of the athlete to increase development and success within the athlete’s primary sport. Wikipedia.


As an Agent you will be able to do the following and more:

a. Watch highlight Videos of prospective athletes. 
b. Post your “Events” on your calendar so potential Pro Prospects know your schedule.
c. Invite Pro Prospects to view your MyPage (Profile) and Network.
d. Network in a professional Sporting environment to build trust with Prospects.
e. Use MyGroup to create group types that describes your affiliation and Invite friends/Prospects to Join. 
f. Add or search for Postings on desired scouting opportunities.


 All members are to ensure that they follow their Countries, states or provinces University, College or Professional Athlete contract guidelines, rules or/and laws regarding athlete and scout/coach/agent interactions or relations. This site is intended to offer a “Network” channel for connecting athletes with highly regarded industry leaders (Scouts, Coaches, Agents, Educators and Business Associates).               



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