All members are responsible to ensure that they follow their Countries, states or provinces University, College or Professional Athlete contract guidelines, rules or/and laws regarding athlete and scout/coach/agent interactions or relations. This site is intended to offer a “Network” channel for connecting athletes with highly regarded industry leaders (Scouts, Coaches, Agents, Educators and Business Associates).


Why MyScouTube?

  • Scouts, Agents, and Coaches are spending more time doing analysis of prospective recruits via Video instead of watching players in person.
  • At MyScouTube you can create your Sports Resume(CV) page where you can send Scouts, Agents, or Coaches to view your Profile Page (MyPage) and watch your highlight Video.
  • At MyScouTube you can create Events such as Games, Tryouts, Camps, Combines …..This will create opportunity for anonymous or direct assessment of potential Connections and Networking.
    • Searchable database to find Athletes, Scouts, Agents, Coaches and other MyScouTube members in the Sport community. 


Who can Register? 

Scouts, Coaches, Agents, Managers, Athletes (Pro Prospects and University Prospects) Sport Teams, Parents, Fans and Sports business associates......


How do I Add A Video? Adding a video to your profile page is simple!

1a. From drop down menu: MyMenu ->MyVideo -> Add Video  (Registered members click) HERE


  1b. From MyPage: . Go to MyPage -> Go to “Videos”.  (Registered members click) HERE. 

  2a. Enter on “ADD” here. (Registered members click)  HERE



3a. Copy and paste URL from your “Video” provider. 

3b. Select category (select same category as your membership).



What is Sports Classifieds?

Sports Classifieds is a section that allows all members to Post a Sport classified ads of themselves or organization.


  • University Prospect seeking Tryout
  • University Prospect seeking Camp
  • Pro Prospect seeking Agent
  • Pro Prospect seeking Contract
  • University/College seeking Players
  • University/College seeking Coaches
  • University/College seeking Scouts
  • Amateur Club seeking Players
  • Amateur Club seeking Coaches
  • Amateur Club seeking Trainers
  • Professional Club seeking Players
  • Professional Club seeking Agents
  • Job Seekers Agents, Coaches, Scouts, Managers..

  (Registered members click) HERE

 to see sample post.


What is Sports Talk?

Sports Talk is where members can open a forum on sports topic and have other members give feedback, ideas, suggestions or share their opinion.


See Sample Post..(Registered members click) HERE



Upload your photos for viewing by other members. Go to MyMenus->MyAlbum->Upload Photos. (Registered members click) HERE



Post and Invite others to you’re upcoming Events (Camps, Games..). Go to MyMenus->MyEvents. (Registered members click) HERE



This page is your main profile page. It provides links to share your Videos,  Events, Groups, Friends  and Photos with other members. Use Menu Item MyPage URL which contains your full URL. You can then SHARE on social networks or email.   (Registered members click) HERE

Customize MyPage:

You may also add customize information such as your Twitter Feeds to your MyPage. (Registered members click) HERE



Create Private or Public groups where information is contained within the group. (Registered members click) HERE

Go to MyMenus->MyGroups

Go to MyMenus->MyGroups->Add Group

Go to MyMenus->MyGroups->Group Updates

      Team Roster: Team Rosters can be formed using Groups. (Registered members click) HERE

         a. Select Group category "_My Team Roster"

         b. Team Admin can create a roster by directing players or parents of players to register on MyScouTube using the Team Roster category and later sending invites to members of the team to JOIN your group. Players can later change their Profile.


MyLink:  Use this location to add your personal or affiliated Club Team, School Team, or Business website. 

 (Registered members click) HERE or the image below.


Primary Sport: The sport you are MOST skilled.

Request to be a "Featured Athlete":  Featured Athletes are more easily found.



Secondary Sport: Alternate sport you have achieved success.

Academic Info:

Standardized Qualifications for US and Canadian schools.
SAT- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAT
ACT- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACT_(test)
GPA- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPA

Graduation Year: 

The year you are expecting to obtain your Secondary School Diploma.


You will need consent by a parent or guardian if you are considered a minor in the city/country in which you reside. See Age Disclaimer.


Parent/Guardian or trusted adult to act on your behalf. Emails and all member contact may also be sent to your representative.


An Agent is one who contractually acts on the behalf of the athlete to increase development and success within the athlete’s primary sport. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent


Person who can validate you and your achievements. Under MyPage you can upload your references.

MST Member Definitions:


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